My name is Robert Augustus Scott. Owner and creator of and I was born on July 21, 1964 in Kingston, Jamaica. At the age of 6, my parents move us to The Bronx in New York City.

    As the youngest of ten children, I was constantly challenged.  The strain of vying for attention and approval manifested itself as aggressive, pent-up energy.  Which was eventually correctly.  Interpreted as uncontrollable rebellion by age 12, my parents were forced send me away to a "Group Home" (upstate New York).

    My five year stint in this new and strictly regimented environment forced me to re-channel my restlessness and I taught myself to sketch and draw.  My newfound way of expression on my terms, gave me pride in myself and the confidence and direction that I had  never known. In those years upstate, I also developed a deep love for music - in every genre of music.

    Age 17 was a crucial time for me. I was transferred to another “Group Home” in Queens where I attended John Bowne High School in Flushing. This afforded me the opportunity to begin nourishing my love for music and start my DJing journey, by observing the goings-on in the multitude of clubs and venues. I would also further my artistic skills by sketch anything and anyone who caught my interest.

    In the summer of 1983, upon my graduation from high school, I joined the U.S Army.  While stationed in Germany, I began acquiring bookings as a DJ, sharing and interpreting the music I loved in popular clubs and venues. A passion and vocation that I continue to enjoy till this day.

    After serving seven years in the Army, I decided I wanted to formalize my drawing skills and attended The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. As a student in the Fine Arts department, I studied Graphic Design, Painting, Sculpture and various other art forms and earned an Associate Degree in Fine Arts. While at F.I.T., I was exposed to and took an interest in the schools' program of "Restoration", and after learning about wood restoration, ceramic restoration and metal restoration, I received a Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree.

   A friend at F.I.T. introduced me to screen printing. As a member of the student council, I was giving the opportunity to practice; and perfected the art of screen printing. In 1990, I began to create activity and and interest that coexisted with my long- time participation in the New York City Roller-Skating scene. I have been a skater since age 12. Realizing a desire among skaters for Roller Skating themed T-Shirts, I started a business to satisfy that growing market. I initially called my company "Skate Tees". My premiere T Shirt "New York City Original Rollers" was a sell-out and has maintained a classic/cult status among skaters domestically and internationally to this day.

    As demand for my T-shirts increased, I decided to rebrand my business as "Roller Culture" in 1991 and continued to successfully design and screen print skating T Shirts in bulk. By the year 2000, I had created and printed thousands of shirts and was well known in the New York City roller skating scene. Also, at the same time, I began to DJ at some of the locate skating rinks, Skate Key, Roxy and Empire Rollerdrome. With the beginning of the new millennium and new technology, I decided I also needed a new beginning and started producing T-shirt under my present label "Original Rollers'.  After my 25th anniversary in 2016, I launched a couple of new T-shirt lines that has nothing to do with skating. It includes a run titled "Musical Notes" featuring imprints of famous artists; on the front the face of the artist with a quotable quote by that artist on the back. Another line created is called Throwbacks, that featured blow-ups of old school vinyl record labels on the front of the shirt.

   In addition to my other works of art, I still continue utilizing my skills in wood restoration.  I work consistently as an Independent Contractor restoring the wooden interior of brownstones in Brooklyn and Harlem. As well, I have worked over the past 20 years with my old F.I.T restoration Professor Eli Rios at his Long Island City studio ECR ANTIQUE Restoration, where I repair and restore high-end period furniture to its original condition.

    I have now consolidated all of my ventures and brands under one umbrella: "ROB SCOTT CREATES".

Here you will find my love for art (RobScottArt), my love for music (DJ Rob Scott), my love for creating apparels (RobScottApparels).

I strive to continue my artistic visions as an multi talented artist well into the new millennium!